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Current Location:Bonita, US
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Strategic Technology Consulting & Change Agent*
Specializing in Change Management for SMB firms to assess their current work flow & networking environments and make recommendations for technologyl improvements that provide significant business advantage.
Professional Cloud Solutions Provider. Expert on Google Apps Premier for Business, Google Chromebook enterprise deployment and Google+ social marketing services.
"Is your company bleeding IT dollars? I will help you save up to 80%+ of current IT cost. I'll show you how it is done with ClarityAgility and Integrity".
Internet infrastructure and web technology development since 1993. Delivering Small Business Solutions and custom cloud-based services to business and industry.
Supporting the Google Apps for Business Framework as a Google Enterprise Professional and Authorized Cloud Services Provider.
  • Migration, Training & Support
  • Work-flows & Business Process
  • Content & Document Management
  • Custom App Development
  • Chromebook / Chromebox
  • Social Marketing
  • Social Buisness
Got Apps? Design & development of custom or specialized business applications based on the Google Apps Engine, Google Apps Script, Widgets and Gadgets that extend the function and utility of the standard Google Apps for Business Framework.
Working on a book - 
"Hyper-Change, Way Past The Box"

The 12 Business Rules for DISRUPTIVE Change
  1. Turn NO into YES!
  2. Remove bottlenecks
  3. Think upside-down
  4. Work in both directions
  5. Eradicate repetition
  6. Circumvent barriers
  7. Re-invent work-flows
  8. Do a lot more with a lot less
  9. Refresh, discard, remove
  10. Borrow ideas, not money
  11. Empower your people
  12. Provide certainty
Robert is known as a life-long technology developer and entrepreneur and is a key note speaker, Available for public/private speaking events'tech-talks' G+ hangouts or as corporate meeting/event speaker on technologyChange Management and Hyper-Change topics.

Other Skills & Interests:

Videography / Phography / Graphics spanning over 45-years of professional analog/digital visual design for commercial motion and print media publishing with proficiency in pre/post-production of digital media editing and cross-platform video publishing and online distribution.

Sustainable Energy Systems ongoing investigation of the capture, storage and re-distribution of ambient energy sources by means of solid-state electronic devices resulting in patent filings to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on March 31st, 2010. This is a continuing endeavor towards commercialization.
Electroactive Materials ongoing discovery and optimisation of “smart” organic/inorganic/hybrid materials that demonstrate electrically conductive properties for use in the capture and mass storage of ambient energy to power advanced electronic devices and autonomous systems. This is a continuing endeavor towards commercialization.

Sailing & Boating with strong predilection to rescue and restoration of mid-century, retro "fiberglassic" runabouts is a long time affliction that is best treated in San Diego where we make our home. If you love the water, marine life and year-round access to outstanding sailing conditions there is no better place than San Diego, CA.
Painting on canvas best describes the activity (calling it art would be a reach) but a conscious effort is exerted to discover basics and technique previously demonstrated by those who master it. Working on it...
Family & Friends who unquestionably provide the verve that makes it all possible for me and much, much more. Thank you all...
*Change agents are individuals who have the experience, knowledge, skills and tools to help organizations create radical improvement.
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Robert E. del Sol
Robert E. del Sol
United States
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Business & Professional Services
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