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Current Location:Encino, US
Business Overview

A Bamboo project is about making a positive impact. The bamboo project is about fulfilling all those grand speeches the President gave about the U.S. pioneering green technologies, and actually saying here we are and we’ve been here right under your nose, on your abandoned lands, along your highways, and in your homes. A bamboo project is about creating jobs, cleaning the environment, and showing communities how with the cultivation of bamboo.

Through the bamboo project our goal is with your help, we will begin the bamboo industry here and now through the acquisition of land already growing Bamboo, setup of a bamboo processing center, and the setup of a bamboo research and development center. We are, in reality, replicating projects we have worked on in Southeast Asia and moving what we have developed so far on U.S. soil.

Bamboo is extremely versatile and already has made an impact worldwide. This plant is truly green. This plant is totally sustainable. This plant has a use in every industry. Popularity is growing every year. Imagine a plant growing up to 100 feet tall, being cut down and replenishing itself in 45 days.

That’s Bamboo.



Bamboo can transform abandoned lands into working farms, and the current demand for bamboo is endless. Bamboo as an industry can create tons of thousands of jobs here in the U.S.


With the exception of the lack of research of additional uses and production methods of bamboo there is no argument on the benefits and potential of bamboo. All we lack in the U.S. is the front end investment, and political backing.

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Eric Stevens
A bamboo project
United States
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Agricultural Products/Services
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