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Welcome to the community!
Welcome to World Startups!

This is a community of startup professionals and small business owners intended to facilitates cooperation and collaboration between entrepreneurs throughout the world. We believe simply that the best way to help small business grow is to provide the suport, tools and organizing that allows entrepreneurs to help each other.

This service is associated with the Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed & Small Business Community on Google that you can view and join from the block on this page. The community is run by and for small business entrepreneurs and we are always organizing new projects and initiatives including frequent Google Hangouts on Air (videoconferences) - you can see some of these by visiting our Youtube channel through a link on this site.

Membership on this platform is provided free and without charge. We do ask, however, that you provide a complete and descriptive business profile so that we can all get to know each other better. Member applications are screened and reviewed before accounts are activated but we don't care if your business is humble or in an early stage of development.   Thank you for visiting this site and registering - We look forward to meeting you!

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1386 days ago 0 comments From: RobGordon Categories: Incubators and Accelerators  Tags: startups africa — A recently annouced 100 million program to support entrepreneurship in Africa.  The programs goal is to identify and train 10,000 entrepreneurs across Africa over the next 10 years.   The 10,000 start-ups will be selected from a pool of applicants across Africa will participate in a comprehensive program which will include a customized 12-week business skills training course, mentoring, an entrepreneurship ‘boot camp’ and seed capital.  “
1402 days ago 0 comments From: RobGordon Categories: Angel Investor Networks  Tags: investor network funding — This site claims that "over 300,000 startups have used to connect with millions of dollars in funding" - Which is a rather ambigious statement - and they say that if you join you will be able to connect with over 20,000 investors.   I found the join form to be easy - they just ask for a two sentence business description, but after they have your information it takes you immediately to the payment page, and the lowest reat is $59 a month.   That might be worth it is you have a business that is completely ready for funding otherwise it might be a waste.   There is no way to know how good their investors are, or how many would really see your business plan or summary.  
1403 days ago 0 comments From: RobGordon Categories: Online Communities  Tags: online communities — Lean Startup Circle describles itself as being for "Peer-to-Peer lean startup know how.  It's a decentralized grassroots organization of Lean Startup practitioners all over the world". I went to this homebage and entered my email as requested, thinking that was just the first step and there would be additional information required.  Instead, I was immediately enrolled in a Google Group and informed that I would be receiving an email once a week from them.   The Google Group does look moderated, and the questions to seem serious and thoughtful so while I didn't care for the way they got my email, this aay be worth visiting from time to time - especially if anything in their weekly archive email is of interest.
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08.11.2014 00:33    Comments: 0    Categories: Site Features      Tags: youtube  startus  
A new YouTube Channel has been launched for World Startups and the Google+ Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed & Small Business Community.
28.04.2014 23:11    Comments: 0    Categories: Site Features      Tags: google  
The Google+ community we sponsor and manage now has over 50,000 members and is recognized as the best managed business community on Google+.
13.07.2013 13:57    Comments: 0    Categories: Community Announcements      Tags: startup accelerator  
We are planning a "virtual accelerator" for solopreneurs and have started a working grout in a private community on Google+ to organize this initiative.
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The World Startups community is a small business initiative and we would greatly appreciate your support. We are putting programs n place to help small business entrepreneurs cooperate, innovate and grow. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or ideas. Thank you for your support.

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