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In the "both good news and bad news" category, the entrepreneurs community that we sponsor and manage on Google+ has passed 50,000 members. While it is widely recognized as one of the best managed business communities on Google plus there is a problem in managing that large of a community with what is essentially a bulletin board system.  Posts on Google communities get buried quickly and the member database has litte functionality - we do these things much better here.  For this reason, we want to encourage all Entrepreneur community members to also establish an account here - that way you will be able to continue to keep in touch with the cool people you have met on Google and other social networks.   We will continue to support our Google Entrepreneur community and use it for what it is best at - getting the word out to a large number of entrepreneurs at the same time, while using this community to "go deep" - establish better relationships and active collaboration on our projects for mutual benefit.

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