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2140 days ago 0 comments From: admin1 Categories: Crowdfunding Sites  Tags: crowdfunding —  RocketHub adds to the traditional crowdfunding model by also giving people the opportunity to vote on projects to receive  "Launchpad Opportunities," business and marketing assistance offered by RocketHub.   There is no charge to list a project, but it cannot be changed after the listing.   Be sure to have a video ready before you create a project as it is central on the project profile page that is produced.   In general, it looks like a solid site.
2140 days ago 0 comments From: admin1 Categories: Crowdfunding Sites  Tags: crowdfunding —   The JOBS act, passed earlier this year, will allow non-accredited investors to get equity in startups.  That sparked the founding of Fundable, a US equity crowdfunding site. Until the law is fully implemented in 2013, Fundable operates similarly to Kickstarter off erring rewards for support.   Note that this site charges a $99 monthy fee and there don't seem to be any benifits to joining unless that fee is paid.  
2176 days ago 0 comments From: RobGordon Categories: Online Communities  Tags: startup communities — This is a new site called "Startup Reveloution" that is said to be modeled after the popular "Hacker News" website.  The business profiles aren't very sophistacted, and the functionality for connecting with other people seems to be limited, however they have a nice bulletin board and the social registration is simple and easy.
2178 days ago 0 comments From: admin1 Categories: Startup Communities  Tags: startup ideas — This is a fun site where people post business and startup ideas.  It has a social login through the big four: Twitter, Google, Facebook and Linkedin.  I used the wrong Twitter account to log in though and it used a picture I didn't want, and there is apparently no way to delete an account, but I eventually was able to join with my Google account.  This site is really basic - and that is what is nice about it.   All you really can do is post business ideas, and then these are list, and people either express interest or they don't.  Ideas posted on this site are moderated, and the message I received was that it takes up to two days to approve an idea.  The site currently has about 5000 members - which is not bad but like all sites of this types seems to be dominated by the "regulars".  Still, some good stuff here, and easy to navigate, so it is worth a look.
2178 days ago 0 comments From: admin1 Categories: Startup Communities  Tags: partner matching — This is one of the major partner matching sites.  The registration system collects a good deal of information - for the most part the correct information, and the site seems to have a large number of users - when I checked it said 137,00 were online.  Their search, however, is weak.  Looking for "partners in your area I only found one about 60 miles from me, and then several pages of people on the other side of the world. Also, many of the profiles were of very low quality or were just created to promote a business.  I have gotten several "wants to be your partner" messages since I joined there that seem a bit spammy.  I also looked at their "highest potential matches" functions, and couldn't make any rhyme or reason out of it - it seemed almost like it could be random matches from their database.  There didn't seem to be much else on the site except for a "groups" function but most did not seem to be active.
2205 days ago 0 comments From: RobGordon Categories: Angel Investor Networks  Tags: angel investors startups investors — A site to help you find investors - similar to AngleList.   Good privacy controls and the developers seems serious about making it useful for investors.   The search and socal functions to connect with other startups are limited, consisting of a single "request access" button.  I did a search on "San Diego" and found more than 200 companies listed so it has a considerable number of members.
2217 days ago 1 comments From: RobGordon Categories: Startup Communities  Tags: online community business competitions — This is a network developed by the Kauffman Foundation, and is said to be is an online resource for new business ideas.  It emphasizes business plan competitions and has recently added business profiles.
2286 days ago 0 comments From: ahsaan5 Categories: Technology Clusters  Tags: blog technology communications electronics — Have a look at this blog for vital tips and tricks that you will encounter in your daily engineering life!
2380 days ago 0 comments From: RobGordon Categories: Angel Investor Networks  Tags: angel investors — The "go to" place for finding angel investors.  The site is more sophisticated than the first time I saw it, and I would recommend every startup company put a profile up there.
2380 days ago 0 comments From: RobGordon Categories: Startup Communities  Tags: community — A site that lets startup companies ask any question they want, and other startup companies jump in and answer.  The quality of the interaction is generally very high, and registration is easy and free.  Highly recommended.
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