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13.11.2014 (1413 Days Ago)

The service describes itself this way. "Dreamstake works closely with founders to accelerate the success of early stage technology startups.  We build teams around ideas, turn concepts into prototypes and match companies with seed capital."  They say they have 10,000 members and host "weekly workshops and monthly events providing entrepreneurs with mentoring and knowledge".


I completeted the first part of the registration and I can tell you it was extremely daunting.   Although the "connect with Linkedin' went smoothly, they ask tons of questions about your startup after that and any error will cause everything to be wiped out - it took me more then a half hour to finish.


Once inside the site it seems far less sophistacted than the rather involved registrations process would seem to justify.  There is a standard members discussion forum, a blog, an events section where you could buy tickets to paid events- but most were San Francisco Bay Area.  There is a "skill swap" section but who would feel comfortable doing that with people you hardly know?  I didn't immediately see how I could learn more about the other members.  Then I saw the "People and Startup Finder" link, but all it did was bring up a page that was nearly useless - a list of members they had "rated" as being the top including their founder.  There was no other way to learn about people as far as I could see but to scroll down this list and click each profile individually.


All and all I think this has potential - the guys running it obiously take it seriously, but they should have put as much energy into providing services inside the site as they did in collecting information.

Obvously this is the kind of site you don't want to cast judgement on too quickly so expect a follow on report from me on this one.

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