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Tony Elumelu Foundation for Entrepreneurship in Africa

A recently annouced 100 million program to support entrepreneurship in Africa.  The programs goal is to identify and train 10,000 entrepreneurs across Africa over the next 10 years.   The 10,000 start-ups will be selected from a pool of applicants across Africa will participate in a comprehensive program which will include a customized 12-week business skills training course, mentoring, an entrepreneurship ‘boot camp’ and seed capital.  “

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    This site claims that "over 300,000 startups have used to connect with millions of dollars in funding" - Which is a rather ambigious statement - and they say that if you join you will be able to connect with over 20,000 investors.   I found the join form to be easy - they just ask for a two sentence business description, but after they have your information it takes you immediately to the payment page, and the lowest reat is $59 a month.   That might be worth it is you have a business that is completely ready for funding otherwise it might be a waste.   There is no way to know how good their investors are, or how many would really see your business plan or summary.


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      Slowly but surely, this site is becoming awesome!
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        Lean Startup Circle

        Lean Startup Circle describles itself as being for "Peer-to-Peer lean startup know how.  It's a decentralized grassroots organization of Lean Startup practitioners all over the world".

        I went to this homebage and entered my email as requested, thinking that was just the first step and there would be additional information required.  Instead, I was immediately enrolled in a Google Group and informed that I would be receiving an email once a week from them.   The Google Group does look moderated, and the questions to seem serious and thoughtful so while I didn't care for the way they got my email, this aay be worth visiting from time to time - especially if anything in their weekly archive email is of interest.

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          CrunchBase describes itself as the "definitive database of the startup ecosystem" and claim to be "the business graph" but honestly, I don't get it.   Registering is simple - but once inside there is little to do.  There is a big announcement of funding rounds, but that is about it.   I was able to find a place where you could add a new company or organization so i did so with my little startup and this was also easy - they asked for very little information.   When it displayed, however - it put a prominant message that it "couldn't find any employees".  i am just not sure what this site is for - there is nothing to do in it.  I guess i would recommend people join to get the inbound link if nothing else, but i don't yet see the value.

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