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This is a page you should follow if you are an entrepreneur, startup company founder, small business owner, self employed or otherwise working in the new economy.   We will be publishing the best articles on small business and startup companies here on a daily basis at least and this material will be well worth reviewing.   

We will also be doing our best to help build this emerging community here on Google+ and exploring ways we can help each other.   For example, small business hangouts and conferences will be organized from this page so it should be fun meeting each other.   We also invite you to join the community platform we are currently launching where we will also be organizing information and services to benefit entrepreneurs and small business at

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE CONTENT ON THIS PAGE.  Because we post something here does not necessarily mean we agree with it.  In the business of starutps and small business, there is a huge amount of conflicting information, and we think it is important that startup company founders be exposed to a wide variety of viewpoints.   When we wish ot express our editorial opinion we will clearly label this as "opinion".  Also, much of the information we post here is not necessarily "news" and is in fact somewhat timeless, so many of the older posts are well worth a read. 
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